Tuesday, January 4

OREO Truffles!

My cousin made this recipe this past summer for my mom's 50th birthday celebration in Tahoe.  Since then, I haven't stopped thinking about these amazing little truffles that are like a "party in your mouth."

1 package of regular OREO cookies
1 (8 oz) package of Philadelphia cream cheese
Chocolate chips for melting
White chocolate chips for melting

Using your food processor, crush the cookies into super fine crumbs.
Transfer finely crushed crumbs into a mixing bowl and add cream cheese. 
Mix until both are well blended (I put gloves on and do it with my hands to ensure each crumb gets well blended.

Put the blended crumbs/cream cheese in the refridgerator for an hour so it is easier to work with
Roll little truffle size balls and place on a cookie sheet
Melt the chocolate and dip the balls in the melted chocolate using two spoons
Drizzle white chocolate (or whatever candy you'd like) on top of the balls and refridgerate

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