Tuesday, August 3

Chocolate Chip Cookies Ice Cream Sandos Recipe

Choco chip cookie dough
Choco chip ice cream
Food coloring if you want to color the ice cream
Saran Wrap Sprinkles

This recipe was relatively easy to make (can get pretty messy), but is perfect for a quick dessert, plus everyone loves ice cream sandwiches! I bought cookie dough from Papa Murphy's Pizza and made about 3" cookies. I would recommend making the cookies from scratch, because those always seem to be firmer and yummier! Let the cookies cool. This was for a baby shower, so I bought choco chip ice cream and mixed in a few drops of red food coloring to turn the ice cream pink. Then take the cookie, and spatula in the ice cream, and gently squeeze the cookies together to fill the cookies. Spatual out any extra dripping ice cream. Coat the ice cream in sprinkles and serve! If you are going to freeze the sandos, wrap them in saran wrap individually and freeze.

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